Four Editions

All projects
up to 100 references

Solo projects
over 100 references

Team projects
over 100 references

  Citavi Free

  Citavi Team

  Citavi Pro

  Citavi Reader

= All features available
= Read-only: no editing possible

Citavi Free

Citavi Free is a starter edition and is ideal for testing small solo and team projects up to 100 references. After installing Citavi Free, enter your license key to unlock the other editions.

Citavi Team

Citavi Team can be used for team and solo projects. You can collaborate with others on a local network, and you can also work on individual projects. Author and reader roles can be individually assigned, and offsite users can log in with a VPN to access shared projects. Learn more.

Citavi Pro

Citavi Pro is your top choice for individual projects. All features are available with the exception that you can only read larger team projects.
You can upgrade from Pro to Team without reinstalling Citavi. Your projects and settings are retained. Learn more.

Citavi Reader

Citavi Reader makes it possible to view solo and team projects. In addition, you can edit projects up to 100 references.


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